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Runways 12 & 30 are 3400 ft. long and 75 ft. wide (Asphalt Paved).

Adjacent Taxiway runs Full length of Runway.

Airplane Tiedown Areas at both ends of Airport.

22 Tiedown Spaces. No Parking or tiedown Fees.

Airport is Operated & Maintained By all Volunteer Help.

(Shelter Cove Airport Association)



  • - Daytime use VFR only, No Lighting or Beacon
  • - Coordinates: N. 40-01.7 W124-04.3
  • - Waypoint: ENI-112.3 312 degrees 69.2
  • - Elevation: 69
  • - Pattern Altitude: 1000 MSL all aircraft
  • - Frequencies: CTAF 122.9 FSS 123.65, 122.
  • - No Fuel or Services Available Airport Not Attended


- Right Traffic Only to runway 12

- Runway 30 has 500 ft Displaced threshold. 

- Straight Ahead Departures to 1000 MSL to avoid homes on both sides of Runway. 


All are near or at seaside, great views, can park & short walk to and from plane.

Entire airport is surrounded by a nine hole golf course. Open to the public All year round. Better ocean and mountain views then Pebble Beach. Everything of interest is within close walking distance: - multiple places of lodging from basic motel rooms to units with kitchens facilities, fireplaces, hot tubs, etc. To a bed & breakfast. Several of these are right on the water.  - 4 Restaurants, Coffee House, Pub, or Deli some with Bars. All with ocean views.  - Tidepools, Little Black Sand Beach and some Of the best Salmon Fishing & Bottom Fishing in Northern California. Charter Boat trips are available.  - Campground is adjacent to the airport - Tent campers are welcome.  - Public picnic sites & Tables are available right on the water in several locations. 


"My wife & I fly down from Washington at least once a year. We try to time it for when all the whales are out there" ( The California Gray Whales migrate close to shore at Shelter Cove. The main migration past here going south is in December & January. Going Back North in March & April) 

"When It Gets unbearably hot in the valley my two buddies & I throw our golf clubs in the plane and come over here and spend all day in the cool ocean breezes." 

"My buddy and I call friends here and when the salmon fishing gets really going we fly up and take back two big ice chests full of Salmon, Red & Black Snappers, & Ling Cod." 

"See all the "Vee Tails" sitting out there? We belong to a Bonanza Club and we fly over here a couple of times a year for lunch or dinner." 

"My Wife & I Brought or hiking Gear. We are going to spend tonight in the campground and start early in the morning along the mountain trail to the south that overlooks the ocean all the way to Fort Bragg. Once there, my brother will bring us back. Last year we did the Kings Range trail to the north. 

For further info - Contact: 

Al Hoffman - Airport Mgr: 707-986-7361 residential 

Ken Watkins- Asst Airport Mgr: 707-986-7415 residential